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Caricatures, illustrations and fine art

Welcome to my art gallery! Here, you will find a diverse collection of artwork, including caricatures, digital and traditional art, illustration and colored children's drawings. 

Caricatures - digital art

Digital art is painted on an iPad with Apple Pencil and drawing apps like Procreate or Adobe Fresco. 

Or on a pc with a Wacom drawing tablet and Photoshop.


All digital drawings can be printed and sent by mail. Each drawing has a maximum edition of 7. Prints are delivered in high quality in the size you desire, framed or unframed. Contact me for pricing.

For the latest available drawings, check out my Instagram account HERE

Traditional art

For my traditional art I like to use charcoal, colored pencils, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint or oil paint.

On paper, board, or canvas.